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Generation Success - Equality Champions

Welcome to Generation Success - Equality Champions

Become an Equality Champion and Activate Change for Equality

About Me

At Generation Success, we are working to ensure that a person’s career is not determined by their birth, partnering our network with career opportunities.

We continue to grow our Dream Hunter network of 10,000+ Beneficiaries, providing them with unique training and mentorship to set them up for success in their future careers and partnering them with businesses who can support their personal development and meet their aspirations.

There are many ways you can get involved with Generation Success, from providing your time as a volunteer at one of our Power Series talks, become a mentor, provide sponsorship to enable us to train a cohort of graduates or integrating our trailblazing Career Accelerator Programme into your recruitment model.

Everything we do here is with our graduates at the heart to help them develop and evolve their career. We also provide bespoke early careers  recruitment services and D&I consultancy for your business through our commercial arm, which allows us in turn to support even more students through our specialised training.

Why You Should Join US

GS is an inclusive community that supports people with ambition realise potential through mentoring, coaching, workshops and access to industry by removing barriers and connecting business and people of diversity together. GS is a not for profit organisation that is an inspiring network that advances social mobility by empowering all people of diversity to achieve their career aspirations. Generation Success has a simple but ambitious goal – to create a fairer world. We work to remove social barriers to allow business and all people of diversity to connect.

“The future is in our hands and our members are those who take charge and make it happen. ”

Let’s Create a Limitless Future!

Whether you’re a socially conscious person wanting to make an impact, or a curious learner hoping to discover more about the movement or how you can help your company, university or community become more aware of these critical issues, sign up today and become part of a powerful collective that is dedicated to ensuring equal opportunities for all.


A Big Thanks

Thank you for your support, your support will not only help us grow as a community but will also allow future generation the equal opportunity to achieve their goals and aims. You are making a change and being apart of that change. 

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